Some friends encouraged the idea of quickly making throwaway games, so we occasionally get together to do a 2-hour game jam together. It’s a lot of fun and it’s surprisingly rewarding to think about something random, and finish knocking it up in a few hours. The results are on this page – I wouldn’t necessarily recommend downloading any of them, but your curiosity may get the better of you, I guess.

Frequent use of music provided by the superb Kevin MacLeod, whose music you too can find here.

Nose & Tail: Costumed Crusader

Swap costumes at boxes, collect bottles, reach the exit!

LibGDX + Flixel-Android, 3 hours-ish, much more finished than AMBEX.
Made for a #fourwordjam. Noun (action figure), Career (fisherman), Career (wine taster), Emotion (discombobulation)

Download here. Source on GitHub here.

AMBEX [Ambivalent Explosion]

Press X to hit toasters, then jump onto them to propel your kebab-y self to new heights!

LibGDX + Flixel-Android, 2 hours but unfinished, really.
Made for a #fourwordjam. Noun (kebab), Noun (toaster), Verb (exploding), Emotion (ambivalence)

Download here. Source on Github here.


The [Un]Official Game of the SomethingAwful Dwarf Fortress LP ‘Bronzestabbed’!

Built with Flixel, ??? hours.

Play Online Here

Pro Invigilator 2012

Are you a bad enough dude to stand calmly around for an extended period of time?

Controls – Arrow keys

Break the line of sight between cheating students for HIGH SCORE.

Built with Game Maker, 2 hours.


The Maltyped Falcon

The city is racked with cancer, and you are the oncologist. Type out a gritty monologue. Don’t fall behind.

Built with Game Maker, 2 hours.


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